Holy Spirit Conference Opening Session February 17th at 6pm

This year we welcome back Sunday evening Robert Stearns, Monday evening Apostle Stephen Garner, and Tuesday evening Dr. Leon van Rooyen.  New this year is our Kid’s Holy Spirit Conference with Guests Dana and Linda Johnson and the Spiritual Leadership in the Marketplace Breakfast led by Scott Schatzline. 

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Spiritual Leadership in the Marketplace Breakfast

Monday, February 18th, join us for breakfast in the Life Church Study Center from 7:30 – 8:30am. Scott Schatzline from Daystar Family Church in Alabama will be leading the event. Schatzline will be teaching on how to put your anointing into practice in the marketplace. During this session we desire to inspire business leaders to increase their spiritual influence and impact in the business arena.

Scott Schatzline

Scott Schatzline

Pastor and Business Leader

Scott and Kristi Schatzline became the Lead Pastors of Daystar Family Church in 2004. They have five children, Keithan & wife Danielle, Ethan & wife Ale, Noah, Isaiah and Destiny and one grandchild, Nehemiah. 
After Scott graduated from Tuscaloosa County High School in 1989 he went straight into full time ministry with David Wilkerson at Time Square Church in New York and World Outreach Ministry. Scott and Kristi married in 1991 and served as worship pastors for his dad at Daystar for 7 years. He received his credentials through Berean Bible College, Beacon University, Christian Life School of Theology and over 27 years of full time ministry experience. In 1998, Scott and Kristi were called to serve as worship pastors for Covenant Love Church with Pastors Al and Tava Brice in Fayetteville, NC. In 2004, they returned to Tuscaloosa as the Lead Pastors of Daystar Family Church.  

Holy Spirit Conference 2019

Speakers Line Up

Worship Leader – February 17th -19th

Artistically, Leon Timbo is passionate about what love is and what love is not.  He stands poised to be the voice without reservation that expresses accurately the difference between the two. “I feel like the emptiness in musical expression stems from us being afraid to be transparent, to not be perfect, to not do it right, to not just say ‘I’m sorry,’ but to actually be transparent enough to say why. Without that, I think we’re missing a huge piece of what our music is. Being that that’s who I am, I feel like I’m special – and that my message is special – for this moment.”

Leon’s Timbo’s Non-Profit Organization UNIFI , is a collective of artists, advocates, community leaders, activists and do-gooders that have come together to positively impact the community to create change and address the social issues that plague our community. UNIFI seeks to empower individuals and communities through the creative arts and engagement, providing creatives the opportunity to use their platform and influence to positively impact communities and address social justice issues for good. Leon strongly believes that no matter what position you have in life that everyone can invoke change because “Change Begins With Love.”

In 2017 Leon Timbo pioneered a collective of worship leaders who now call themselves “Northern Lights United”. To learn more about this group visit www.northernlightsunited.com. 

Speaker – February 17th – 6pm

Robert Stearns is widely recognized as a visionary leader, compelling communicator, gifted strategist, and influential bridge builder. He is the founder and executive director of Eagles’ Wings, a global movement of churches, ministries, and leaders. Eagles’ Wings is involved in a variety of strategic projects around the world, with a unique emphasis on interfaith dialogue and humanitarian care. 

Speaker – February 18th – 7pm

Stephen A. Garner, an apostle of God, is anointed to preach strong revelatory Kingdom messages to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ; imparting present truth that brings reformation and restoration. His greatest passion is to see the Body of Christ activated in fervent prayer, powerfully operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and fulfilling their calling and destiny. Apostle Garner also flows in a strong prophetic dimension that accompanies his apostolic ministry. He desires to see the people of God free from demonic bondages through the ministry of deliverance. In addition to overseeing a growing Chicago congregation, Rivers of Living Water Ministries International, Apostle Garner leads the Global Strategic Alliance (GSA)­ which has been instrumental in developing leaders and leadership teams who promote cultural transformation and Kingdom Advancement in the nations. Through GSA, Apostle Garner demonstrates his commitment to educate, equip and activate both emerging and established ministry gifts in intercession, deliverance, apostolic and prophetic ministry. Apostle Garner and his ministry teams regularly facilitate Schools of Ministry throughout the nations, which serve as pillars to the development of those they are called to serve. He has a heart for the global Church to come into the fullness of all that God has ordained. He has authored over 20 books. He and his wife Prophet Yolonda Garner reside in the Chicago area and they have 5 beautiful children.

Speaker – February 19th – 7pm

Dr. Leon van Rooyen – President of Global Ministries and Relief since its inception has been committed to raising up servant-hearted leaders within the Body of Christ, and from this vision, GMR was born. The overarching vision is to promote a love for God, a loyalty to the Church, and a passion for souls.

In an attempt to further expand the influence of GMR, Dr. Leon has developed and written several Bible training materials and programs which have also been translated into several languages.

Together with a united ministry team, GMR resolved to train one million students, not just student but world changers! In addition, to the online schools and programs, GMR has a flourishing prayer ministry and missions thrust where we are engaged in frontline evangelism, planting indigenous viable churches, and strategic relief projects such as supplying safe drinking water. GMR also assists with micro-businesses/projects, our goal being to see that every work becomes viable and self-sustaining. There are hundreds of areas untouched by the Gospel, and these are the places that you will find Global Ministries and Relief.

4 years old to 5th grade

Holy Spirit Kids Conference

About Dana and Linda 

Dana and Linda Johnson have specialized in children’s ministry since 1985.  Dana is a Pastor, teacher, songwriter & Dove Award winner; Linda is an amazing teacher that awakens a hunger in children to fall in love with Jesus and experience God’s Presence.  This couple understands how to attract children to the heart of God by using the Biblical principles that they have discovered together over the years.


Dana and Linda have served pastorally at both Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Gateway Church in Southlake Texas.  Together they now travel globally, consulting with churches and training leaders to reach today’s generation of children for the Kingdom of God.